This summer, Vodaphone have decided to bump up the security at their recharge trucks with new Palm Scanners.

The VIP Recharge Truck is makes an often appearance at festivals across the UK, allowing you to charge your phone whilst you’re partying in a muddy field, but this year Vodaphone have made these stations  more secure, adding palm scanners used to properly identify a device’s owner.

The truck pictured above, is capable of housing 2,000 festival goers phones and makes the whole process of charging your phone a lot easier, all you have to do is scan your hand and then drop your phone off, once your finished partying you can come back to re-scan your hand and retrieve you phone.

This is the first time that this sort of technology has been used in a festival, but Vodaphone have said they are confident it will work perfectly even if your hands are “caked in festival mud.”

Alongside the scanners, Vodaphone have also fitted the bus with a DJ Booth which will apparently guarantee “the party doesn’t die with your phone battery,’ alongside featured some of the UKs biggest and up and coming DJs.

Pretty cool eh? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Via [T3]

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