We just heard about a pretty cool gadget it is called the VoltaStream ZERO and is basically a Raspberry Pi device that aims to provide users with a high-quality streaming box for streaming audio in a format that competes with Google’s Chromecast.

In particular, VoltaStream ZERO measures just 65 x 30 mm and features all of the high-quality audio outputs that you would expect for a great streaming experience, including an analog output, an optical TOSLINK transmitter and a 3.5mm line-out jack.

To top that off, the ZERO features a full-sized USB-A connector to connect a USB WiFi dongle for wireless streaming (which can be done via the includedEdimax EW-7811Un WiFi module)

It also comes with a micro USB connector for powering the device alongside a microSD card slot, a 40-way pin-header and access to all of its 28 GPIOs for full expansion.

And that’s still not all.

The ZERO has also been designed to be fully open-source with planned future connectivity for common audio hardware add-ons which are otherwise known as HATs.

You can pick it up today from the source link below for €49,90.

You can also read more about it via the source link just below that other link.

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