The Walking Dead Game: Episode 1 was released yesterday on the Xbox 360 and we have already completed it if you haven’t heard about The Walking Dead game yet it is a zombie action shooter type game, where you follow the characters from the TV series on their journeys whilst trying not to get eaten.

As soon as the game starts you are dropped into a scene of dialogue between the main character throughout the game called Lee, and the police officer taking him to jail, as you get further into the conversation you begin to think that something is wrong, which Lee would be right in thinking as there’re zombies on the loose.

One of the best parts of the game in my view is most defiantly these dialogue sequences, not a lot of people would usually say that but I think it adds to the games overall realism, creating the idea that your decisions actually count towards these people life’s (which they do.)

These take up most of the game and are filled up by short period of searching for items and hiding from zombies, within these conversations with over survivors you will be presented with anywhere up to four responses which you must choose before the time runs out, but  these must not be taken too quickly as whatever you choose decides how you will play the game in the future.

I think this sort of Mass Effect mentality with games is great and have always enjoyed games with multiple endings, so far I have just gone over the one but I’m playing to get another couple in before the next episode is released.

Within the game another great part of the game is defiantly how Telltale Games have built upon the characters, making you actually feel for the character within the game, I was heartbroken when I had to choose between saving Doug or Carley, and it’s these moments within the game that makes it a worthwhile buy.

As for controls you use a newly developed adventure control scheme, which you use to navigate Lee with the left joystick whilst using the other to move the on-screen reticle, at the start of the game this was my most hated part as I felt sometimes it could be very hard to control, but over time I realized this actually made the game ten times better giving you the sense that the movements you are trying to perform are actually of some difficulty, always leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The next great thing is most defiantly the visuals, which provided you with amazing comic book like gameplay which is creates both a striking and pretty world to play in (using the world ‘pretty’ lightly), alongside this the forever twitching camera makes for a realistic experience, but this doesn’t make the graphics perfect as can be seen with characters movements, just walk up to a box and you will get what I mean.

Alongside that, we also found that a some points the game would pause for a short period of time between loading screens, which wasn’t a big problem but one we felt we should point out.

Now if you don’t know already The Walking Dead game will be set out in 5 different chapters which can be downloaded as DLC on release, these will cost you differently spending on what console you play the game on. The PC and Mac will allow you to purchase a season pass costing £20.99 for the full 5 episodes, if your playing on the Playstation 3 you can also get hold of the season pass for about £20, but, unfortunately, the Xbox 360 has been left out with this deal only allowing you to purchase each episode separately for 400MSP a time.

Overall I thought The Walking Dead Game has gotten off to a tremendous start with episode one, already gripped I cannot wait to play the future episodes coming our way, for more info check out the walkthrough videos we will be posting on our Youtube channel over the course of this week.

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