So far The Walking Dead game has been two seasons of emotional moments, epic situations and a lot of choices.

Despite there being not one but two seasons, Clementine has been the glue that has stuck it all together, and helped to create some of these intensive moments that created a game that was enjoyable to play, constantly keeping the gamer on their toes, and constantly gripped to the game’s story.

Despite this, shortly after the end of second season of the game completed I couldn’t help but fell like something was missing, and I think that might be mainly due to a story that was often inconsistent to the rest of the game’s story.

[Note] If you have yet to play The Walking Dead season one or two and you are concerned about spoilers then you should avoid this review.

The Walking Dead Seaon Finale Review (1 of 4)
The final episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 has been tilted “No Going Back” and sees Clementine and the rest of the surviving group members make their way to somewhere that’s safe. Low on food, warmth and every other supply, the group are forced to make some tough decisions, and those are only tougher with the introduction of a new born baby.

The Walking Dead Seaon Finale Review (2 of 4)Despite the name, most of this episode involves trekking through frozen wastelands, keeping the group from fighting each other and trying to figure out what to say and what decisions to make.

Throughout the course of this episode, and in fact the entire series, I was forced to make decisions that became more difficult over time, with repercussions that increase with every second.

The problem lies within the other characters in the game, for the most part Clementime seems consistent (mostly due to the fact we are the ones who are making the decisions), however the rest of the characters seem to jump out of place with every other engagement.

The fact that TellTale only tries to make this more exciting with the introduction of scenarios to make it more exciting makes it worse, forcing scenes that didn’t seem natural.

I did find that choices in the second season did indeed become more important, well at least more important then they where in the first season, despite this the ending didn’t really conclude with something that really took advantage of these choices, ending in one of options, either showing Clem being reassured by a surviving character over the death of a major character (which is weird due to the fact that we have been led to believe that Clem is now grown up), or you see what is the best of the two options (in my opinion), which is where we see Clem walk off into the distance with not much explanation of where she is going, or what see will do.

The Walking Dead Seaon Finale Review (4 of 4)

However even with that second ending, I can’t help but think that the second season of The Walking Dead was a little too lacklustre, and honestly one of the best scenes in this whole episode was the callback to season one, which could be seen as both a mistake and a success, making the user start to compare how the two season’s.

However all in all the second season of The Walking Dead is still a great investment, and it will certainly be one of the best games you will play this year. The only problem is that the first season was a lot better.

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