Leading on from the extreme yet amazing events of Episode 3, The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 kicks right off from ending of the last episode, bringing with it the sudden realisation of how important that single choice might have been.

Surprising though, things that lead on from that are a little slow paced,with the game forcing you into a number of quick time events and a few random engagements that seem to take a lot away from the moment we encountered a couple of months ago, with most of the start being taken up with a long and awkwardly interactive cutscene of Clem and the rest of the group need to find a way through the horde of zombies that started to make their way to the camp in the last episode.

(Note: If you have yet to play The Walking Dead Season One, or have not caught up with the goings on in Season Two of The Walking Dead game, then we would advice that you don’t continue reading this review, as although we try to keep spoilers out, we an’t guarantee their complete removal.)

The Walking Dead - Season Two Episode Four- Amid the Ruins review

The Walking Dead - Season Two Episode Four- Amid the Ruins review-3Separated from some of the group, Clem Jane and Rebecca manage to get away from the herd, and start traveling to the groups set meeting point. On the path Clem quickly finds problems with the Rebecca who is experiencing the start of her pregnancy along with a number of hormones.

Only some of the group survives the escape from the camp, some in tact and some not. Kenny is emotional over the death of his girlfriend, an in turn is angry at clem for what she did at the end of the last episode. This creates a tension that we have yet to see between Clem and Kenny, with most of their previous engagements being closer to the loving side of emotions, we start to see to see how their relationship has evolved over these last two seasons, and how it might continue to evolve in the coming future.

However there’s a big problem when it comes to the rest of the characters, who seem to be lacking any punch to their personalities and stories, ultimately leaving the player a little deflated with the rest of their engagements.

And this just gets worse as the game goes on, character’s start to lose the personality that the game has took so long to build previously, and suddenly swap how they would normally react to certain decisions within the group, the main change being within Luke, who seems to have become a completely different person in Amid the Ruins.


The Walking Dead - Season Two Episode Four- Amid the Ruins review-4

Coming under the realisation that the group may be cracking, it’s clear to clem that she may soon have to go it only once again, on a walk with Jane, Clem learns some new survival techniques and gets a chance to learn more about Jane’s background.

The Walking Dead - Season Two Episode Four- Amid the Ruins review-2As the episode goes on we start to see things get more and more gruesome, kills get bloody and Clems kills get more extravagant and her choices get harder to make, an that is on top of the problems she has to fix around the camp, including the birth of Rebecca’s child, which happens in what is quite possibly the worst place to have a baby, at the worst time ever.

“Sometimes you have to do bad things if you want to survive”

As the story progresses we start to learn more about the characters stories and see Clem as a character evolve into something that I’m not quite sure of, has she grown up? Are the choices we are making changing her for the better or worse? And will she still be the same if she survives after the apocalypse?

All of which would create a gripping story if it wasn’t for it being a little too chatty, lengthy and actually kinda boring, when compared to previous episodes in season two if have to say that this one dragged out the most. Thankfully there’s still some aspect of story that you can cling onto, and eventually it all leads up to something that was genuinely exciting.

Despite all of this Episode 4 still looks as awesome as always, sounds as spectacular as expected and offers a gameplay style that is unique and a storyline that is better than almost anything other game out there, with a story design that tops a number of choices together, forcing you to constantly wonder whether the last move you made was the right one to make, and whether or not the choices you made have ended up hurting not just you, but the entire group.

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