The Walking Dead has already been developed into a game for various consoles and has now made it to Facebook, with the launch of the new Walking Dead Social Game, which as you can guess has been based on the AMC series.

The game will bring you into a zombie infested world where you will have to fight for your life and help your friends out of sticky situations, the game is only currently in beta but as it is an open beta pretty much anyone with a Facebook account can access the game.

Whilst playing the game Facebookers will have to perform mission set to them such as gathering ammunition or various other items, there is a huge catch as there is with many Facebook games, each action you perform costs stamina which you will have to level up by completing missions, or replenish/ purchase more.

Mac McKean, AMC’s Senior Vice President of Digital Media said this about the game:

“The audience for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ are passionate and deeply interested in the world of the show. Our social game allows them to explore and experience the zombie apocalypse for themselves, along with their friends,”

If you would like to try out the game you can do via the link below.

Via [Facebook]

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