I’ll be honest when I first heard that Activision were working on their own The Walking Dead game, I was  pretty excited, hoping that they will bring some of their shooter expertise to the franchise, never did I think that they could ruin the franchise itself, how wrong I was.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a terrible game that feels unfinished and left without any thought. On paper, it should be a brilliant game, taking the pop hit AMC TV show, and has even managed to grab Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, who obviously are the voice actors for Daryl and Merle respectively.

The game grants you access to weapons including the shotgun, pistol and of course the crossbow and a few more, however the game doesn’t seem to want to play to these advantages, something that I don’t get. It forces you to play in a stealth mode, sneaking up to walkers and taking them out silently, something that Daryl as a character, doesn’t normally do.

And that’s not the only things this game does badly, in fact the only good thing to say about this game is its use of voice actors, who have performed excellently, sounding exactly like their characters from the TV series.

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So your main weapon in the game is basically a knife and various bottles to throw at a horde in order to distract them and move to cover, however most of the time, you can simply run up to the objective, only taking out the last few walkers and you’ll clear it, which seems to be because the walkers lose interest in you after a sort period of time, meaning you don’t have to play the objectives at all.

And it just get worse, the zombies are dramatically stupid, you can climb up on top of something like a car and simply take them out one-by-one with your knife, as they don’t seem to know how to lift their arms and kill you.

Alongside that, zombies will just sit there taking multiple hits from your knife without attacking you, even when standing face-to-face. And when they die they simply fall down like a stiff dummy.

And to make it even worse, you find the games resource management system, which offers realism and much-needed supplies can be found easily with a kick look round the level, however there is a cool little addition, in the form of a car mode, which allows you to choose how you travel from city to city, with opportunities to scavenge materials when you do need them. (just to add, the graphics are terrible too.)


Something that can happen randomly, if your car was to break down, at which point you must follow the magic pointing compass to the place where your much-needed gas can is placed, which I feel could have been implemented ten times better than it has been.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a terrible game and my best advice is, don’t buy it. It feels unfinished, graphics are frankly crap for a game released in 2013, gunplay has been underdeveloped, and I absolutely hate how the game forces you to play it in their way.

To be honest I could type all day about the flaws with this game, it’s not worth playing, buying or even renting and is quite possibly the worse game I have played this year at least.

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