One announcement during Apple’s announcement made some users happy, and others a bit annoyed and that was the announcement that they will be gifting iTunes users U2’s new Songs of Innocence album for free, which is all well and good until user’s found that they had no choice in the agreement and Apple had just gone ahead and included it in there album.

Now some of you might have got a little confused by this (I know I was), and may be looking for a way out of the inclusion. Well thankfully for those of you who want to remove U2’s Songs of innocence album from your iTunes library, we have three ways in which you can do so.

The first is to click this link, once you have done so you will be taken to a dedicated page that will allow you to remove the album from your account, simply click the button on the page and the album will be removed from your account.

Be warned however, this method will mean that it will be gone for good, and you will not be able to re-download it for free after October 13th.

If you think you might want to change your mind after, this second method is probably a lot better.

Simply download the album, find it in your library and it the delete button, this will then stop Apple from reminding you that its there, and you will still be able to re=download it if you change your mind.

Depending on your settings and wether you have iTunes Match or iTunes in the Cloud enabled, you may still see the album after deleting it, to hide it simply click on your account name, select Purchased, select Recent Purchases, find the album and click on the small x next to the album.

Once clicked a window should appear confirming that you weather you want to hide, click yes and your done. If you every want to un-hide it, simply go to your account and choose hidden purchases in the iTunes in Cloud section of settings and it should be on that list.

The third and finally way is to simply give the album a go, I know it sounds a bit maverick, but you never know, you might actually like it :).

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