The War Z was released earlier today on the Steam platform for PC, the title is a zombie survival game that looks unbelievably awesome. When you first drop into the game you are forced to survive in a “zombie-infested, post-apcalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.”

Basically The War Z is an open world game, and each world has its own areas that are sized anywhere from 100 to 400 kilometers, within these worlds you must explore, scavenge and kill in order to survive.

With elements a lot like the Arma expansion, Day Z players can also play on various servers available to rent as either a public or private game, there’s no classes, no levels and no caps so you can basically play this game any way you want, gaining experience points to spend on a ton of skills.

Look out for more on The War Z here on TechNutty as we will defiantly have a review up soon, in the meantime you can pick up the game on Steam for around £10.

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