Crytek’s new first person shooter has today launched in beta for the Xbox 360, now available to download via the Xbox Live Marketplace, Warface is the latest game to come from the developer, featuring 4 soldier classes that can be used to play in both cooperative and competitive game modes.

“Our world is close to breaking point. In the midst of economic decay, a cabal of capitalist superpowers have created Blackwood – a ruthless corporate army charged with protecting the interests of the super-rich. Sweeping aside all who stand in their way, Blackwood uses brute force to pillage the globe of natural resources and increase the influence of their paymasters. In response to this unbridled aggression, a maverick underground army has emerged.”

The Xbox 360 launch comes after the game launched for the PC in October of last year, and is now available for anyone who owns the console in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Nordic region, Australia and New Zealand.

Head on over to the Crytek website for more details, and check out the trailer below.

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