World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor has been out just over a month now and I have played a crazy amount of it since it’s release. My review for Warlords of Draenor will be coming out later this week but for now I thought I would make a guide detailing each of the Garrison buildings and what they do/why you should use them.

The garrison is one of the best new features of the expansion, directly putting you in control of your own troops, resources and ongoing fight against the Iron Horde. The Garrison may just seem as an alternate place to stand around waiting for raids/dungeon queues to pop (now that Orgrimmar and Shrine of the Two Moons/Seven Stars are desolate), but it also serves as a great way to make gold and collect other resources with little to no effort.

So let’s begin with a quick overview of what the Garrison is and how it works. Early on in your adventure into Draenor you are given a quest to establish a Garrison in this new land, which will serve as a foothold in your fight against the iron horde.

Garrison Overview

  • These garrisons will be situated in either Frostfire Ridge if you play Horde or Shadowmoon Valley if you are an Alliance.
  • The Garrison brings the ability to recruit Followers who can be sent on missions for gold, garrison resources and loot.
  • You begin with a level 1 Garrison with two available construction slots; one small plot and one large plot.
  • As you level up and quest through Draenor your garrison with level up and more plots will become available.
  • Level 2 Garrison offers two small plots, one medium plot and one large, as well as unlocking the level 1 herb garden, level 1 fishing shack and level 1 mines. The upgrade to level 2 Garrison will become available when you hit level 92 and upgrading will instantly unlock all available level 1 buildings to put in your plots.
  • Level 3 Garrison offers three small plots, two medium plots and two large plots. This will become available when you hit level 100 and costs a staggering 5,000 gold and 2,000 garrison resources.

Small Plots

Lets begin with the small plots, these are primarily your profession buildings. They become available once you upgrade your Garrison to level 2 and unlock more small plots. There is a building for each profession and you don’t require the profession in order to construct the building. These buildings allow you to create items of the chosen profession even without having the required skill, this means for a example a Blacksmith can have a Tailoring Emporium and an Enchanter’s Study in their Garrison in order to create cloth and enchantments.

As well as the profession buildings there is also the Salvage Yard, an extremely useful building that allows your followers to acquire salvage whilst out on their missions, which you can then turn in at the Salvage Yard for chances at loot and gold.

Tailoring Emporium

The Tailoring Emporium provides resources from the Tailoring profession. If you have the Tailoring profession it can be used to create armour for Cloth users (Mages, Warlocks, Priests) as well as Battle pets, items to be sold on the auction house for gold as well as a tailoring exclusive mount – Creeping Carpet. If you don’t have the profession it can used to place work orders which will produce Hexweave Cloth, which can be used to create 540 and 640 item level gear. This is a great way for Cloth users to get some armour before they start raiding.

Enchanter’s Study

The Enchanter’s Study provides resources from the Enchanting profession. If you have the Enchanting profession it can used to create Weapon Enchantments as well as crafting Temporal Crystals which are used for high level enchantments. The Enchanter’s Study offers all manner of enchantments for each piece of armour, as well as a new transmog feature known as Illusions. These illusions can be placed onto weapons (including Death Knight’s) to give them new visual effects, including old favourites such as Mongoose, Fiery Weapon and Berserking.

Alchemy Lab

The Alchemy Lab provides resources from the Alchemy profession. If you have the Alchemy profession it can be used to create a Draenic Philosopher’s Stone, a great starter trinket for when you hit level 100. You can also create Greater Flasks and Potions which are always needed for raiding. Work Orders can be placed to receive Alchemical Catalyst, which are used to create items of the Alchemy profession. The Alchemy Lab is mainly used for the production of Lesser Flasks and Potions which have varied effects such as Buffed Stats, Water Walking, Speed Increase and Health Regeneration.

Engineering Works

The Engineering Works provides resources from the Engineering profession. If you have the Engineering profession it can be used to create Blingtron 5000, 640 item level Goggles and the Wormhole Generator which allows for quick travel around Draenor (even if it is a bit unstable). The Engineering Works is mainly used for creating fun items such a battle pets and toys. It can also create the amazing Shrediron’s Shredder, a 630 item level gun which can be upgraded, as well as being one of the best looking guns in the game. Your work orders each day will provide Gearspring Parts which are used to create items in the Engineering Works.

Gem Boutique

The Gem Boutique provides resources from the Jewelcrafting profession. If you have the Jewelcrafting profession it can be used to create high level gems and Epic jewellery (necklace and rings)

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