[Update] ULA has successfully launched the Atlas V along with the SBIRS-GEO satellite that will be a part of the SBIRS system for the United States Air Force.

Here’s a GIF of the launch:

Update: And here’s another for the seperation:

You can catch up with the launch if you missed it via the embed below.

[Original Story] Today the United Launch Alliance (ULA) will be kicking off their first mission of the year, launching its Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida later today.

The launch was set for 7:46PM ET (00:46AM GMT) yesterday, however, they had to delay that until today, scheduling launch time for 7:42PM ET (00:42 GMT), however, the window will go up until 8:22PM ET (01:22 GMT).

With this launch, United will be taking the SBIRS GEO-3 into orbit, which is a part of the US Defense Department’s space-based Infrared System, nicknamed SBIRS,

It will look for heat signatures that missiles produce, with the hope of providing the US military with enough time to deploy the appropriate measures.

The SBIRS GEO-3 will be the third satellite in this system if it successfully launched today, taking a geosynchronous orbit putting it around 22,000 miles above the Earth’s surface where it will match the Earth’s rotation to keep the satellite in the same place above Earth at all times.

You can watch the launch live via the embed above.

Here’s the video from the previous launch attempt:

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