Bethesda have the first scheduled live stream for E3 2015 this week, kicking off on Sunday, June 14th at 7pm PT (around 3AM on Monday in BST) the live stream is set to host the platform where Bethesda will make their latest announcements.

We already know that one of those will be the announcement of Fallout 4, we know this because Bethesda teased the announcement in a trailer about a week ago. We expect that during the live stream this trailer will be extended upon with a full gameplay trailer.

We also expect that Bethesda will reveal some information about other games, maybe even an Elder Scrolls announcement of some sorts, we also expect to see more from the Doom series.

We will have to wait until the day to see what they will announce however, it will be live streamed on Sunday, June 14th at 7pm PT in the embed above.

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