The UK sales tracking company Chart-Track revealed this week’s game sales numbers.

Some of the most interesting details this week are about Ubisoft’s new Watch Dogs 2 game, which is currently at the second spot in the list, just behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Chart-Track has said that the sales between these top two spots were “close” and that Watch Dogs 2 only just missed out on the first place spot with less than 80K of sales.

Compared to the launch week sales of the original Watch Dogs game, this is incredibly low, with Watch Dogs selling 380K in its first week.

This also shows how badly the sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are doing, given that Chart-Track said that its sales were close to those of Watch Dogs 2, with a reported sales reduction of 46 percent since the week before.

It’s interesting to see how these games are doing to the previous games within their series. Let us know if you are playing them in via the comments below.

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