Sony has today revealed some new details on the PlayStation exclusive content that will be available when Watch Dogs releases, giving a glimpse at what gamers can expect on their PS4 or PS3 when the game launches.

Here’s the details:

“Hacking is your weapon in Watch Dogs. In four all-new mission exclusive to PS4 and PS3, Hacktivist group DedSec taps Aiden to help set the record straight and expose a company’s deceitful activities. More precisely, they need Aiden’s skills, connections, and his ability to hack into Chicago’s complex central operating system (ctOS) to track down enemies and expose them for who they really are. He’s just the man for the job.

This exclusive content provides PlayStation gamers with 60 minutes of additional gameplay, plus a hacking boost and a brand new character skin. It expands the already massive world of Watch Dogs and enriches the experience for PlayStation fans.”

Watch Dogs is now available to pre-order, launching worldwide on May 27th 2014, available to play on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

They also released the following trailer:

Source: Sony

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