Facebook is set to host their own conference this week, called F8 it is set to be the destination where Facebook unveils its latest projects and ideas.

We already know that Chatbots will be a big story from the event, which will reportedly allow for customer service over chat, or even allow for delivery of news and other content using artificial intelligence, this is also said to be released as part of an SDk, allowing other developers to develop for the Chatbot.

It is also said that they will announce new buttons for web and mobile sites that will allow sites to provide their users with the opportunity of messaging them via Facebook Messenger. This comes alongside rumours that Facebook will announce a new Live streaming service, alongside new advertising schemes and VR capture technology.

Obviously, we won’t now the official news until the event kicks off, but we will have all the news as it happens here on TechNutty.

You can also watch the event live via the player above, here’s the schedule:

Day 1 (April 12)

  • 10AM PT (6PM BST): Keynote
  • 12PM PT (8PM BST)Messenger: Connecting People and Businesses
  • 12:30PM PT (8:30PM BST)Growing Your Business with Facebook Pages
  • 1PM PT (9PM BST): Onboarding and Account Management for Apps
  • 2PM PT (10PM BST)Creating Value for News Publishers and Readers on Facebook
  • 3PM PT (11PM BST)Deeper Insights with Facebook Analytics for Apps

Day 2 (April 13)

  • 10AM PT (6PM BST): Keynote
  • 12PM PT (8PM BST)The Technology Behind 360 Video
  • 1PM PT (9PM BST): Optimizing 360 Video for Oculus
  • 2PM PT (10PM BST)Leveraging Facebook as a Platform for eCommerce
  • 2:30PM PT (10:30PM BST)Building iOS Tooling at Facebook Scale
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