NASA already has a plan for sending humans to Mars, it has been called the Space Launch System (SLS) and has been designed to crew and cargo with a massive 512,000 pounds of thrust that makes it the world’s most powerful rocket thanks to its main RS-25 engine.

At the moment, the system is a bit behind schedule, failing to meet it’s target launch this year and its also over budget.

But the plan isn’t over yet, today NASA released a new video of a recent test of SLS’ main RE-25 engine, in full 360-degree goodness. Check it out below.

In the video, you can see the main liquid-fueled RS-25 engine, which is an updated version of the original Space SHuttle’s main engines, but on the bottom of the rocket rather than on the side. When it’s ready, the engine will pump out fire non-stop for around 8.5 minutes, launching NASA’s Orion capsule into orbit and beyond, hopefully to Mars.

It can pump this out at 13 times the speed of sound.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this system develops over the next few years.

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