Back in May, SpaceX landed a 14-story-tall rocket on their drone ship after it had been used to deliver a Japanese communications satellite into space. It was quite astonishing to watch, but something even more interesting has happened to that rocket this week.

SpaceX fired up the engines once more for a total of three minutes at full thrust, an important step towards SpaceX’s end goal of re-fly a Falcon 9 rocket that has previously been landed in order to cut the cost of space travel significantly.

Thankfully we can all watch that event as they have now released the footage onto YouTube.

Check it out below.

This Falcon 9 was the second rocket to successfully land on the autonomous ship and the third rocket that SpaceX had recovered, so you might be thinking; why have they not done this with one of the other successful rockets yet?

Well, they did, they tested the first rocket that they landed back in January, but that was a much shorter test and now the first and second Falcon 9s are being kept by Musk as souvenirs.

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