[Update June 3rd – 10PM] The CRS-11 launch was successful and they even landed a stage after that launch.

You can replay the action via the embed below.

[Update June 3rd – 6PM] Today is the day that SpaceX will attempt to re-use a capsule for their CRS-11 ISS resupply mission, after scrubbing the last one a couple of days ago due to the weather, they will re-attempt this launch later today at 21:07 UTC or 5:07 EDT.

You can watch replay it unfold and hopefully launch live via the embed below.

[Update June 1st] SpaceX has scrubbed today’s launch attempt due to the weather. They will proceed with their next launch opportunity on Saturday, June 3rd.

[Original Story] In just over an hour SpaceX will be launching their eleventh Commercial Resupply Services mission from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

This mission will be particularly important because it will be the first time that a core structure for a capsule has been re-used for a launch to the ISS.

The launch window will kick off later today (Thursday, June 1st at 5:55 PM EDT/ 21:55 UTC.

Should the mission fail, SpaceX has set a backup launch attempt for Saturday, June 3rd at 5:07 PM EDT or 21:07 UTC. This is an instantaneous launch window, meaning that they can only launch at this specific time.

If the mission is successful, CRS-11 will the be 100th launch from LC-39A.

You can watch it all unfold live via the embed below.

SpaceX had to scrub the CRS-11 launch today, but you can watch a replay of the very short stream below.

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