SpaceX planned to launch their uncrewed Falcon 9 rocket about 3 days ago but after a delay that was caused “thrust vector control actuator” that didn’t happen.

Thankfully SpaceX’s Twitter has now announced that the launch is now good to go, Tweeting the following:

In UK time that is Saturday, January 10th at 9:30AM GMT.

If all stays to plan the live stream will see the Falcon 9 launched into space up to the International Space Station as part of SpaceX’s 5th resupply mission, shortly after the rocket will begin to make its way back to Earth and attempt to impressively land on a barge at sea.

The barge will be situated about 200 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida in the US and is probably the hardest step of the mission, given that it is just 300 feet across and 100 feet wide and the rocket itself is 70 feet wide and 14 stories tall, SpaceX has even given their chances of doing so 50/50.

However if they are successful it will be one of the most important steps towards to final release of commercial spaceflight, allowing companies to preserve rockets for future missions and effectively saving millions.

You can watch it all go down by checking out the live stream above.

Source: SpacesX (Livestream)

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