The Google-owned social mapping app Waze has today announced that they plan to rival Uber’s service with the launch of a new carpooling app called RideWith.

This is as reported by Reuters, who have claimed that the service will launch in the form of a new pilot program that will be launching in Israel, where Waze is based.

With RideWith Waze plans to leverage the companies already existing data to match drivers with riders, making getting a taxi a lot more personalised, for which the riders will pay drivers a “small fee” for the trip to work and back home.

“We’re conducting a small, private beta test in the greater Tel Aviv area for a carpool concept, but we have nothing further to announce at this time,” Waze said in a statement to Reuters.

Waze has stated that RideWith will limit drivers to two trips per day, meaning that drivers can’t start-up their own little taxi rank, and will instead work like a traditional carpool, but instead with strangers.

As of yet we don’t know if there are any plans to launch RideWith in other countries outside of Israel, however if we hear more we will let you know.

Source: Reuters, Ridewith by Waze

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