When it comes to hard drives, be them portable or not there’s a lot of options to choose from, however if you’re looking, Western Digital’s hard drives are still probably one of the best options from the bunch.

And with their latest portable hard drive, the WD My Passport Ultra, their drives have just got a lot faster, smaller and lighter but still as inexpensive as they always have been.

The My Passport Ultra takes a similar design to that of other hard drives within the My Passport lineup, we were sent the 1TB black version to review, but it’s also available in red, blue and silver, and even with various sizes including a 500GB version, the 1TB one we have and an upcoming 2TB model.

In the packaging you also get a soft protective carrying pouch, as well as a USB 3.0/ 2.0 cable for connecting between the hard drive and your PC.

There’s no buttons featured on the hard drive itself and apart from the indicator light, the Ultra has a very crisp feel too it, with nothing getting in the way of it’s sleek, curved edged design.

Pre-formatted for Windows-based operating systems, the Ultra does work on Mac OS X, but it will only be able to read files, not write them; however it can be formatted to write files as well.

Set-up is extremely easy, with all the software you need pre-loaded on the drive, all you need to do is plug the drive in, install Western Digital’s SmartWare, Security and Disk Utilities programs for both Windows and Mac OS X, during which time should you run into any problems, WD have also included a PDF of the user manual in 24 languages.

WD My Passport Ultra Review (2 of 3)

One extra feature featured within the SmartWare software is probably the most interesting,allowing you to set up automated backup process’s for syncing data to cloud services such as Dropbox.

This makes the process of backing up files a ton easier, and still gives you the peace of mind tto know that wherever you go, you have the files you need.

The Ultra is extremely quick, using USB 2.0 and transferring a 700MB file we got write speeds of up to 32MBps and read speeds as high as 30MBps, however this jumps dramatically when used with a USB 3.0 with read speeds of 116MBps and write speeds at 112MBps.

And with these speeds you can store a lot of data in a short amount of time, in fact by WD’s count you can store 200,000 photos, 76 hours of video or 250,000 music tracks on the 1TB drive.
An amount you should defiantly be fine with, as long as you don’t have a huge collection of music, however if you do a desktop hard drive may be a better solution.

Overall the WD My Passport Ultra is defiantly a great choice if you are looking for a new portable hard drive, and with a range of sizes, it’s ready to suit most people’s needs, the design is sleek, thin and the drive itself is faster than almost any other drive on the market.

And with the addition of Western Digital’s software selection, the drive comes with a ton of extra options that you don’t get with many other drives.

The WD My Passport Ultra is available to buy today from Western Digital’s website at £59.99 for the 500GB hard drive of £79.99 for the 1TB version that we tested, there’s not news yet on the 2TB drive as it hasn’t been released, but I would expect that there wouldn’t be too much of a higher price for that version.

You can find out more about the WD My Passport Ultra on Western Digital’s website.

Disclosure: Western Digital sent us this hard drive for review purposes.

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