Western Digital has today unveiled their latest software tool to be released, dubbed WD SmartWare Pro, the new software will allow users to back up files to any USB external hard drive or to their personal Dropbox, easily and quickly.

And if by chance you delete, lose or need a previous version of a file to the original, you can use the software to restore and retrieve that backed up data.

According to WD, this can all be setup quickly with the use of a simple interface  that will like with various external hard drives, including the My Passport and WD Elements series as well as the MyBook Live and even Dropbox.

Backups can then be set to either continuous, or scheduled. Continuous basically allows the software to work in the background, re-backing up files as soon as something is changed, whereas a scheduled backup will simply do this on a pre-programmed schedule.

To restore, the user simply uses what they call the “retrieve interface”, from which the user can select up to 25 versions of the backup file.

You can try the software out for yourself on Western Digital’s site, free for 30 days, after which you can pick up either a standard licence or a premium license for the software, the standard costs £19.99 and the promotional costs £34.99 whilst on promotion (no word how long that will last for yet), after which standard will be £24.99 and premium will cost £39.99.

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