There is a huge problem with the web, some people might not notice it every day, however, at some point you have probably been affected by it, and that is an internet connection.

Today, we are used to accessing services like Twitter or Spotify without one of these, however, around the web, this is still not extensively possible.

Today, we are implementing something that we hope will help us bring you a more app-like experience, without having to actually launch an app, something which we don’t think TechNutty needs.

We can bridge this gap by using something awesome called Service Worker.

What service worker does, is allow the web to take some of the best things from apps like push notifications, performance enhancements and more importantly, offline capabilities.


Imagine you are sitting at the station above, you have connected to Boris Johnson’s free WiFi, walked onto the tube just as it turned up, and then suddenly you realise, the WiFi is only on stations, meaning that you will only have internet access once every 2 or so minutes, situations like these are where Service Worker comes in.

The old offline web

The old offline web

From today, Service Worker will work in the background of our site to cache important content and recently visited URLs right onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, allowing you to browse the most important parts of TechNutty, and your recently viewed articles, without needing a constant connection, or in fact, any connection at all.

To expand upon this, we also killed the dinosaur, sorry if you enjoy it, but to create the app experience we wanted, we have deployed our own offline page that will show whenever you visit a page on the site whilst offline that has not been cached on your device, bringing with it a quick game of Tic Tac Toe.

At the moment, we are only able to cache the homepage, some important pages and your most recently viewed pages, however, we hope to enhance this later by automatically caching the latest posts on your first view.

Check it out by taking your device offline (you have the visit the site online once before you do so, service workers are currently supported on some browsers also, you can find an updated list here), and let us know what you think.

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