A new Kickstarter project called WDG launched on Kickstarter, designed to store files, documents and emails in the a personal secure cloud.

The project has been created by a Manchester based company, who aim to build the system from the ground up, offering both privacy and security at the core of the device.

To do this, WEDG has been equipped with a patent pending self hosted, on-site, secure email and file storage solution, that comes with advanced synchronisation features, and privacy controls for users.

“Once connected to the internet, the WEDG provides everything that you have come to expect from a third party cloud solution, as well as a few you have not. The WEDG has no monthly fees and doesn’t limit or monitor your usage, nor will it ever share any data with advertisers or government agencies.”

“The WEDG combines the power of Gmail and Dropbox with specially developed security, encryption and privacy features built into its core. This enables you to deliver enterprise class email and file sync/share across all your desktop and mobile devices, safe in the knowledge that your data is stored securely in your home or office.”

The WEDG project is currently available to view on Kickstarter, seeking funding in order to launch officially.

To grab one for yourself simply head on over to the project’s Kickstarter page and pledge £149 or more for a singular device.

Source: Kickstarter

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