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15/05/12 –

MacBook Pro Rumored To Get Thinner Design, Retina Display and USB 3.0

Apple rumors are more or less a daily event when it comes to tech news, and yesterday was no different with a source from 9to5 Mac who has been proven to work in the supply chain stating that Apple are currently in talks over the next MacBook Pro design.
The source said that Apple will soon be releasing a brand new MacBook Pro with a new thinner design, Retina display (which we have known for a while) and USB 3.0…..

Netflix Launching In Sweden

If you use a movie streaming service, then you are likely to have heard of the US video streaming service called Netflix, which after a recent launch in the UK and Ireland the one US only service now has plans to launch internationally…..

HTC Desire C Is Finally Official! Making It’s Debut In the UK

For a while know we have been posting a lot of information about HTC’s newest Desire C, which was codenamed HTC Golf, and today is no different.
Well it is a bit different as the news we have for you today is no longer a rumor, as HTC have finally made the Desire C official.
The device will pack a 3.5 inch QVGA display with 230 x 480 pixels, 5 megapixel camera, Beats Audio technology, and Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS….

HTC Desire C Gets ‘First Look’ Video

We literally just finished up writing a post with info about HTC’s newest budget Android device the HTC Desire C and then we find the video you can take a look at below, which gives you details on the phone from the inside out which actually looks pretty good.
You can get your own HTC Desire C from Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Tesco and will be priced at around £169.99 on pay-as-you-go or on a 24 month-long contract for around £15.50 a month…….

Halo 4 Cover Art Released

Yesterday Halo Waypoint users struck lucky when 343 Industries sent them 32 sections to an image, which when pieced together would form the same image you can see above.
Pieced together by VG247, the image was later confirmed to be a picture of the cover art for Halo 4……

Use Your Laptop to Charge Your Mobile Device Wirelessly

Technology has come a long way over the past few decades. From the drastic increase in the efficiency of computers and laptops to touchscreen mobile devices, we have much to appreciate in our modern society. As our dependence on this technology becomes more prevalent, these advances will continue through the years……..

17/05/12 –

Apple Teases OS X Mountain Loin Features In Up Oncoming Build

You may or not now this yet but for quite some time now Apple has been seeding upcoming versions of the latest iOS and OS X software to random customers selected by a program called AppleSeed.
Today was one of the days for the company to send out these e-mails, in which they said this…….

Apple Releases Update For Mountain Lion Developer Preview, and Safari Beta

Apple has just sent out a new update to the developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion, as well as Safari Beta software.
Currently we are not sure what has changed but we’ll let you know when we do, in the meantime read the following e-mail sent by Apple regarding the build:
A pre-release version of the OS X Mountain Lion software is now available………

Nintendo Shows Of Kid Icarus: Uprising With Their Own Weapons Infographic

We are huge fans of infographics here at TechNutty, and what better than one that shows us a little more about one of my favourite 3DS games, Kid Icarus: Uprising.
The infographic which you can check out below shows that bit more about the game giving you more information about the weapons….

Facebook’s Pages Manager App Helps You Manage Your Page On The Go

If your anything like me, you will find managing various Facebook Pages an extremely hard job to do when your out and about.
Well Facebook has come up with an answer so long as you live in Australia, New Zealand or Ireland that is, with the iOS Page Manager app which lets you receive all of those page specific notifications on your iPhone…..

18/05/12 –

Blizzard Apologies For Diablo 3 Sever Outages

Diablo has always been one of Blizzard’s more popular games and with Diablo III it has gotten even more popular, which should mean the Blizzard betters there servers to allow people to actually play.
Well it seems that isn’t the case with most people getting Error 37 upon trying to sign in, which obviously means their stress tests didn’t go to plan….

Halo 4 Limited Edition Gets More Details

As you may know a couple of days ago 343 Industries unveiled the cover art for Halo 4 and now they have given even more details about what to expect from the Limited Edition of the game.
When looking at the image above which is of the set, you will notice it has a very nice design with a stainless stain design alongside UNSC branding, but the design is everything you gotta think about the other stuff like……

Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC For Batman: Arkham City Gets A Trailer

First things first I should say if you have not played Batman: Arkham City yet, or just haven’t completed it you may find yourself seeing a few minor spoilers to the ending but its nothing to important.
Anyway to the video in hand, I’ve gotta say this looks great, Warner Bros have always been good at designing DLC for the games and this one is no different with the hope of getting some more epic story lines I cannot wait to get my hands on…….

British Gas Smart Meters

In the past your household energy consumption would be really hard to track, having to wait till the end of the month to find out what you’ve used.

TechNutty Wish List: Thumbs Up Cufflinks, iNox Stainless Steel iPhone Case and BiKN for iPhone

If you are new to TechNutty you may not have read this segment before, where each week we pick three products that we would buy and show them of to you….

LG Eclipse Internal Photo Leaked

Samsung and HTC are currently both battling for their phones to be the best around, but with LG trying to jump into the ring with the Eclipse the phone makers might end up with a fight on their hands.
First revealed this month we have received images from BriefMobile which reveals some of the internals within the newest superphone…..

Sony Now Allows For Pre-Orders Over PSN

One of the main things making your game shopping easier is pre-orders, these allow you to reserve a copy of a game before launch, but as of yet this has not been available within the Digital word.
Finally however Sony has begun this option allowing customers to purchase titles in advance, once you do so you will receive an unlock key which you then have to type in on launch day to begin your download……

19/05/12 –

5 Essential Points To Consider When Choosing Headphones

Tired of having headphones or ear buds that break easily? We all know the frustration of having only one side that works, having to listen to poor quality sound, or having your music drowned out by background noise when you are in a public place………

London 2012: Official Join In App Released

The London 2012 Olympic games are getting closer, and its about that time we all should be finding the apps we will be using to keep track of the events, and with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic games (LOCOG for short,) releasing their own app we may just have one……

Raspberry Pi Team Shows Of 14 Megapixel Camera Add-On

You may have heard of Raspberry Pi by now, with their cheap Linux boards capable of running a full OS at the price of just $25/$35, but the current board isn’t the end for the team behind it as we have seen today with the unveiling of a new 14 megapixel add-on for the board…..

US Students To Get A Free Xbox When They Buy A PC

If you are already jealous of our cousins across the pond, then this might just send you over the edge as Students who purchase a PC from selected retailers will also walk away with a 4GB Xbox 360 for free…….

20/05/12 –

Apple’s iTunes Festival To Hit London This September

Apple’s Music Festival is one of the biggest to hit London, providing a month of concerts filled with top rate performers each year, since the first one in July 2007, and this is year is no different, with Apple now unveiling plans to hold the concert at the usual spot of The Roundhouse in London, but at the unusual month of September…….

Wii U Controller Image Leaks On Twitter Shows Differences To Previous Design

The Wii U has one of the coolest controllers around, but a recent image leaked on Twitter shows some clear differences between the previous design, which proves a previous rumor that there will be some redesigns of the Wii U shown of at E3 this year correct.
To make it easier for you to notice these changes Gamesradar circled the differences between the two controllers…..

Samsung’s S Voice Now Available For Android 4.0 Via Leaked Galaxy S III Rom

I am extremely excited for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and now we have gotten a preview of the new firmware via a leaked ROM which allows developers can grab a good look around the OS, but that isn’t the best part as according to The Verge the APK for S Voice will actually work with any phone running Android 4.0……

App Review: Design Your Own iPhone Case With CaseApp

We would all prefer to use our iPhone’s in its ‘naked’ form, but the bad truth is to keep that phone looking great you have to dress it with a case, so why not get one that’s that little bit different from what everyone else out there has, and thats just what you will get with the newest app to hit the App Store called CaseApp……..

21/05/12 (so far…) –

iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak To Be Released In The Next Few Days

A long time ago iOS 5.1 was first released, as soon as this happened tons of people asked for a jailbreak, and now 5.1.1 has been released Apple device owners who jumped the gun early need an entirely new one.
But that’s to Pod2G that might be coming sooner than you think, who told his Twitter followers that there will in fact be a new untethered jailbreak coming very soon….

App Review, Remember The Milk Scheduling Application

Is Apples Reminders app not good enough for you? Well maybe it’s time to branch out and download a whole new one.
One option for that new download could be a new app called Remember The Milk, which is free to download from your local application store…….

Latest OS X Mountain Lion Update Brings Automatic Downloads To The Mac

If your currently using a Mac then your likely to be running OS X Lion, but that OS is soon to become outdated with the up oncoming release of OS X Mountain Loin bringing more iOS capabilities to your Mac.
The most recent of those added to OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3, the mac is about to gain the ability of Automatic downloads from the Mac App Store…..

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