This week the BBC announced an upcoming experiment that they will be testing with the release of this week’s episode of Doctor Who.

They announced this news on the BBC blog, where they revealed that they will be streaming a version of the latest episode of the series, named “Knock Knock” with binaural audio on the BBC iPlayer service.

With this, you will hear sounds that have been captured using tech that does in such a way that it sounds as it would if it was captured by the human ear, tricking the brain into thinking that audio is 3D.

They first announced that they were researching this technology back in 2012, shortly after which, they released a number of Radio 3 programs with the sound technology.

For the Doctor Who test, the BBC recommends that you watch the latest episode for the best 3D experience.

You can view a preview of this episode now via the source link below (it’s pretty cool), or just wait until the full episode is released on BBC iPlayer on Saturday, May 6th.

Source: BBC Blog

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