Its coming to the end of the week, which of course means it’s time for our list of the top stories TechNutty has covered so far this week, which to be honest have been pretty normal, with no announcements that were too exciting, there may not be much to look at.

Here’s the list anyway:

It’s Official: Sony Announce the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

sony xperia z ultra

Sony announces the SmartWatch 2

sony smartwatch 2

Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview now available to download

windows 8.1 consumer preview

HTC reveals new 8XT Windows 8 handset

htc 8xt

Nokia’s EOS launch event will be live streamed on July 11th

nokia 41 million reasons

Motorola Mobility gets a new Google like logo

motorola- google

Sony Xperia Z Ultra now available in the UK for pre-order

xperia z ultra

Samsung Galaxy Memo Smartphone Reportedly Leaked



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