We like to think that TechNutty has had a total of three standout versions over the last three years, TechNutty 1.0, TechNutty 2.0 and now TechNutty 3.0, the latest version of our site that is live right now.

It all started with TechNutty 1.0, which was a simple design that simply shown the articles we posted and not much more, we then moved to TechNutty 2.0 which allowed us to create new hubs of content, as well as use a new clean and quick loading site design.

However that wasn’t enough, so for the past few months we have been working on a completely new design for TechNutty, and we called it TechNutty 3.0.

TechNutty has been redesigned with a brand new homepage that brings everything up to the featured box, allowing us to stop worrying about what we have in the box up top, and simply post our articles. To do this, TechNutty will now reshape itself to fit all of our articles into neatly placed boxes, either sized extra wide, wide or small.

All of these boxes have been optimised to include images that are exactly the size that is needed, meaning that you no longer have to load an image that is bigger than the one you actually need. And with our lazy loading technology, we will only show you these images if they are within your viewpoint, and as you scroll down we will begin to load more up for you.

As you reach the bottom of the page you will notice that we have implemented infinite scroll on this new design, which means that you can keep scrolling through the homepage without having to worry about using your mouse at all! We find this generally speeds up movement through the site, and should help you guys find what you need.

Aside from that the article pages still feature a design that is similar to that of TechNutty 2.0, and everything is still as responsive as it always was.

If you would like to provide us with feedback on the new design, please do so on our feedback page here: technutty.userecho.com


The TechNutty Team

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