Over the last couple of days you may have noticed some changes on the site and wondering what was going on with TechNutty. Well finally today we are ready to tell you!

We have released a brand new version of TechNutty which we like to call TechNutty 4.0.

The new design keeps to way we designed things in TechNutty 3.0, but adds to it with a new design scheme and more features like ajax loading and even a new menu.

Here are all the features:

  • We have completely changed the design of our site once again for version 4.0, keeping to the same design pillars, but with a new look on its overlay.
  • There’s also a new menu bar with quick and stylish links to recent content from various categories, alongside a section that shows the trending content for your viewing time, the week and the month, a new search model that displays results for your search as you type your query, and a new log-in model, which only works for our team members right now (you can only log-in with it), however we do plan to add profiles for users soon.
  • New footer to simplify the design of both the entire site and the bottom segment of the site.
  • New cleaner code.
  • Images that size correctly to the size of the page or section.
  • New review styles that allow us to create inspiring featured pieces of content, that look great and provide great information on products.
  • New review section for reviews that allow us to show a review score, and allow you to leave your own.
  • New scrolling sidebar on normal articles that keeps the page full but doesn’t mean we have to clutter it.
  • And much more, including cutting down the amount we load on pages, and cleaning up of code.

You can also find our full version history here to see what we have done in the past, and if you find anything that you think we should add or that we should change, please feel free to let us know either via our contact form or on a feedback page.

As always we would like to thank you for being a reader and hope you continue to stay with us as we grow.

The TechNutty Team.

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