We just received word from Western Digital about their new aim to bring the cloud to the consumer with their latest product called ‘MyCloud’. Allowing anyone to set up their own personal cloud server with 4TB of storage, MyCloud aims to cut the costs that are usually associated with cloud based storage, granting users the option to set up their own cloud based storage with no monthly subscription, just a one-off price for the NAS drive itself.

Using its own interface MyCloud will allow users to access all of their data from anywhere in the world, something that Western Digital say will become more important in the near future, with research stating that the average family will have 3.3TB of data by 2016.

To allow users to share this data more easily, WD have worked on a new interface for more than a year, bringing a more user-friendly interface to their drives and allowing users to share content as well as control what certain family members can access or even how much they can store.

They have also updated their applications for smartphones, tablets and computers for faster data transfers, a similar situation for the NAS drive as well, which comes with gigabit ethernet access and a USB 3.0 connection.

Extra storage can also be added to the drive using the USB input port.

MyCloud will be available in 2TB and 3TB and 4TB are available from today, the 2TB version costing £130, and the 3TB at £160, whereas the 4TB is expected to launch sometime in November.

More information can be found on Western Digital’s website in the meantime.

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