Western Digital has this week announced a brand new hard drive that has been designed to be used with the Raspberry Pi specifically.

Called the PiDrive, the new small hard drive has been designed based on the WD Blue hard drive, it will be priced at £27.09 or $31.42 for a limited time, however, they will be increasing it to £39.50, $45.81 in the future.

Western Digital explained more about the hard drive with the following statement:

Give yourself a slice of Pi with the custom-engineered WD PiDrive 314GB! Built to be uniquely Pi, the WD PiDrive 314GB works more efficiently with Raspberry Pi than a standard WD hard drive, and is compatible with WD PiDrive accessories available at the WD Store. With 314GB of instant capacity, you can create your own DIY projects without breaking the bank.

Customize your projects to your desired needs. The WD PiDrive 314GB is as unique as your Raspberry Pi to give you mass storage, while staying compatible with our enclosures and the WD PiDrive cable kit. As a free download on the WDLabs website, a special WDLabs Berryboot* version will be available that includes additional Raspberry Pi applications specific for HDD storage usage.

You can find out more about the drive, and purchase it at the source link below.

Source: WD

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