Western Digital’s “My Passport” series includes a number of different hard drives that all provide users with a great set of options to choose from with a great number of features.

The latest drive to be added to the series is the My Passport Ultra: Metal Edition, measuring in at 11x8x1.7cm and weighing 300g the new drive is both portable and quite nice to look at with an aluminium design that features a metallic finish in the colour of your choice (our test unit was blue). The drive is also very productive thanks to its compatibility with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 as well as with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

WD My Passport Ultra Metal Review (4 of 4)

Setting up the drive also only takes a few minutes, in our case we were using Mac OS Yosemite whilst testing the drive and all we had to do is plug the drive in and then begin installing the software.

The process of installing this software involved simply opening the folder in the drive and clicking the install program for the programs, after which you should have WD Drive Utilities, WD Security and WD SmartWare on your PC or laptop, all of which enable a number of functions for the drive.

WD Security will allow you to set a password for the drive, once done the drive will then ask for that password when it is inserted into a computer, or a computer other than your own. If entered incorrectly the drive won’t be visible to the user, thus securing your data from prying eyes.

WD Utilities will then allow users to perform a number of diagnosis, allowing you to scan the drive for poor performing areas, set a sleep time for the sleep mode, register the device with WD, permanently erase everything from the drive, or even set up a backup tool.

Finally the WD SmartWave application allows the user the find information about the hard drive’s temperature, percentage of total storage used and more. From the program you can also set up automatic backups of your computer and choose which files should be backed up and when.

DiskSpeedTest WD MPU MThe My Passport Ultra: Metal Edition is also pretty quick, and in our tests we found that a 1GB file took about 10 seconds to move from a folder on our computer to the drive. We also tested the drive with the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test which shown the drive could achieve read speeds of around 107 MB/s and write speeds of 103 MB/s.

You can check out those results from the software by checking out the screenshot to the right.

To top that off the drive also has crazy space available for a portable drive, the test unit we received has 2TB of total space, but the drive is also available in a 1TB option.

For this the drive will set you back around £65 for the 1TB version of the My Passport Ultra: Metal Edition, or around £95 for the 2TB one.

You can find out more about the drive on Western Digital’s website here.

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