I have had iOS 6 Beta 1 on my phone for quite some time now, and I’ve gotta say I’m really enjoying it and think there’s some great improvements that have been added to the OS, but over 200 according to Apple I’m not even sure if I have found them all yet, but I thought I would write out this article anyway just to give you an idea of whats including in the new iOS 6 Beta 1 software.

The first and my favorite thing is Do Not Disturb, which allows you to turn off all alerts for notifications, meaning when a notification, call or message comes through the phone won’t light up or make a sound, stopping those early morning wake up calls from Farmville, within this feature Apple have placed some pretty awesome settings allowing you to schedule when the feature will turn off and on, as well as creating a list of who can call you whilst this features turned off as well as a repeated calls setting which will allow your phone to turn this setting off if a calling rings more than two times, which is great for emergencies, if you don’t want this automatic feature there is also a button to turn it on and off, and even a moon symbol to let you know when it’s on.

My second favorite feature in iOS 6 Beta 1 is the UI improvements especially in the App Store, where Apple have completely re-designed the App Store, iTunes Store and Music app with a whole new lighter theme, in the app store they have also added a new scrolling design to the featured apps page, and pages automatically load when you get to the bottom of the free and paid apps list.

Alongside that they have also added functionality for the app store to download in background, so it don’t close when you download an app (one of the worst features that used to be in iOS,) as well as the new “new” ribbons on apps when you haven’t opened them yet.

Defiantly one of the more pointless additions is Maps app and is where I agree with Neil in his video below, personally I think Apple should have left it at Google’s Maps it’s quicker more responsive and just works, whereas Apples is slow, sometimes don’t have a clue where you are, and to be honest don’t look all that great.

For more on the iOS 6 Beta 1 check out GeekwGlasseslive’s video below, and make sure you subscribe for more content from him, oh and you can check out some screenshots from around the beta below that.

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