The developers of the multi-platform messaging application, WhatsApp have today announced that the iOS version of their application will now be free to download, but at a catch as it will now be moving to a yearly subscription based model.

Now used by over 250 million people a month, the app is already available on Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone and iOS, but will a lot of these users stick with the app once the $1 yearly subscription comes into play, especially with apps like Snapchat and even BBM, which will be launching on iOS this summer.

I’m not sure, but I presume it will roll out anyway, with developers stating that the new model will roll out later this year to new users, so I presume that most of their current users won’t have to pay any more to use the app in the future.

You can find out morre at the link below.

Via: Tech Crunch

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