Back in August of this year, WhatsApp announced that it would begin sharing data with its parent company Facebook in order to offer personalized adverts by using the companies WhatsApp data.

This came under immediate investigation by the UK’s Information Commissioner, who looked into what the two companies are doing with their customer’s data.

The two groups came under an agreement were WhatsApp would be pausing this sharing of data.

The Commissioner explained more about his report with the following:

It’s important that we have control over our personal information, even if services don’t charge us a fee. We might agree to a company using our information in a certain way in return for us getting a service for free, but if that information is then exploited more than agreed, for a purpose we don’t like, then we’re entitled to be concerned.

We’ve set out the law clearly to Facebook, and we’re pleased that they’ve agreed to pause using data from UK WhatsApp users for advertisements or product improvement purposes.

You can read more about the report at the source link below.

Source ICO

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