As promised yesterday, Blizzard has today revealed the next expansion for Hearthstone, called Whispers of the Old Gods, it will add a total of 134 new cards to the game, available for purchase, or via rewards when it launches between late April or early May.

The expansion is about the eponymous Old Gods, who are four extremely powerful and ancient beings, chained beneath the surface of Azeroth by the Titans, they are responsible for a lot of bad deeds in the World of Warcraft.

Here are the cards for the Old Gods:

Obviously, these are not all the cards, but like previous expansions, we expect that Blizzard will reveal more soon.

In fact, to celebrate the launch, Blizzard will be awarding players who log in during the expansion’s promotional launch period with three free packs of randomized cards, and the first pack they open will include a copy of the C’Thun card.

Players will also be able to pre-order 50 packs of Whispers of the Old Gods on March 14th, which will include a complementary C’Thun card back.

You can watch the video below for a quick look.

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