The ASA or Advertising Standards Agency have banned Nintendo’s first TV spot for the Wii U in the UK after it was found to be misleading, which according to the report is due to the fact that entire minute long advert only features gameplay played on the GamePad and not the TV.

This comes after a complaint was issued to them stating that the ad implies all Wii U games are able to be played solely on the GamePad, basically you can use the play whilst watching something else feature with all games, but that’s not exactly true.

With the ad stating “…and say someone wants to watch TV when you’re half-way through a game… do both and everyone’s happy.” it does seem to be true, Clearcast who are the organisation who approved the ad prior to it airing disagrees, the ASA however are sticking to their guns claiming that since the Wii U is a new console, consumers watching the ad for the first time cannot be expected to know all of the features shown are not for every game, for this sole reason they ASA have concluded that this ad must not appear again in it current form within the UK.

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