Last night marked the official midnight release of the Wii U in the UK, with hundreds of fans queuing outside the Oxford Street HMV into the early hours of the morning hoping to get their hands on the new console. After 400,000 units were sold out in the first week of sales in the US, HMV made sure they had enough consoles in stock for everyone in the queues to be able to get one.



As the temperature in the UK were in their minuses last night it was not the most suitable of nights for those queuing for hours in the cold. To keep their attention and to give them an incentive to continue queuing, goodie bags were distributed and the first 100 in the queue were given a copy of the New Super Mario Bros.U and also another game of their choice. I would assume that for the vast majority of people picking up their consoles at the midnight release, this game of their choice would be ZombiU, which when Nick and I saw this at Comicon, it looked awesome.



The consoles are selling for around £250 for the standard console, and £290 for the special edition consoles which come with  New Super Mario Bros.U or ZombiU. And what better time to release the console but a month before Christmas, I can see this being a must have present this year.

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