As you may already know the Wii U is soon to hit the UK on Thursday 29th, for which HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store in London has been chosen by Nintendo to premier the new console.

Much like the original Wii launch in 2006, the branch will be hosting the official midnight launch opening at 11pm on November 29th which is a Thursday if you were unsure, however the console won’t actually be available until 0.01am.

In order to tackle the amount of people bound to hit the Oxford Street branch on launch, HMV has decided to send extra stock to the store in order to help cut down the amount of people leaving the event without the console.

But that’s not all, as the first 100 customers in the queue will actually receive a free copy of Super Mario Bros U as well as another Wii U game available on the night, the 100 customers after which will receive a £5 gift card for redemption against any Wii U product on the night, as a third prize the next 500 in the queue will get a Wii U goody bag, there will also be a few competitions and other opportunities to win other Wii U related products over the course of the night.

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