Today Bethesda announced that they will be releasing a game demo for their upcoming Prey title on Thursday, April 27th for the PlayStation 4 and for the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a PC demo just yet.

In this demo, you will be able to play the first hour of the game ahead of its official launch on May 5th, 2017.

But if you don’t fancy playing it, you can check out Eurogamer’s video below for a quick look at the first hour in a video format.

Or if you prefer to keep the spoilers to a minimum then the trailer below will provide you with a quick look.

An alien-infested space station. Badass weapons and powers. And… Yu. Fight your way through the deadly Typhon aliens as Morgan Yu while unraveling the mysteries behind the infestation – and your own identity – in this sci-fi thriller from Arkane Studios. The latest gameplay trailer ratchets up the tension while revealing a little more about the central conflict in Prey.

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