An army of art viewing robots will soon walk the corridors of Tate Britain at night, designed by The Workers (a design studio that worked on the London 2012 Olympics and the Berlin Natural History Museum) the robots will allow the public to walk around the library at night without having to be there in person.

Remotely controlled, the robots will allow views to stream live views of some of the famous artwork and statues in the gallery, using their included light and camera.

Each robot will be available to book for a certain time slot over the web, allowing the user to access it exclusively for that set period of time, the viewer will be able to room the Tate whilst every else is at home.

The idea originates from a competition The Workers entered that was sponsored by the Tate, granting the will £10,000 for themselves as well as a £60,000 production budget to build a “digitally innovative project which [could] enhance public enjoyment of art”.

As of yet there’s no news on when the robot gallery will be available to book, or how much of the robot will be controllable, but we will update you if we hear anything.

Via: Telegraph

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