I have been a fan of the Mass Effect series since the first game and the Omni-Blade has always interested me, if you were ever the same then you would be happy to know that you can own your very own Omni-Blade, or at least a replica of one.

Although it would be cool if it included its own fabricator, computer and sensors, it doesn;t.

It does feature a K-Resin build with an adjustable strap and a locking mechanism for display or securing the blade, so pretty cool for cosplay or just general play, measuring 355cm long, 17.5cm wide, and 10.2cm high.

It also comes with a display stand so you can just sit it on a desk if you so choose to.

You can pre-order it from GameStop in the US today for $60, however, it won’t ship until February 1st, we also don’t know about availability in other regions yet.

You can take a look at it via the trailer below while you wait, the source link will also provide you with more information as well as a place to pick it up.

Source: GameStop

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