For some time now we have been hearing conflicting reports about one particular reported feature of the upcoming iPhone flagship, the iPhone 8.

This is the reported fingerprint sensor of the upcoming sensor, which has been repeatedly reported as being both real and not so real, leading us to question, will it or won’t it.

Well, the latest blade of the rumour mill isn’t really helping as another report suggests that the device won’t feature that embedded fingerprint sensor after all. Previous reports have suggested that this will be the case as it is widely thought that the iPhone 8 will feature a full, edge-to-edge and bezel-less design and instead of making do with a rear-facing fingerprint sensor, rumour has suggested that Apple will build it directly into the reported OLED display.

Today a report was posted KGI’s Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo via 9to5Mac, which suggests that while these display rumours are true, it will instead feature a virtual home button without an integrated fingerprint sensor, like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

What he doesn’t make clear is where this fingerprint sensor will be placed.

We don’t think Apple will completely remove the fingerprint sensor as they have worked a lot on Touch ID and it is an extremely popular feature. Because of this, it is also possible that this rumour might not hold much weight, given that he doesn’t actually know where this sensor will be.

So to finish off, we still don’t know if it will or won’t have an embedded fingerprint sensor.

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