Ford Europe has launched a new campaign, giving you the chance to win your own 3D printed 1:20 scale models of the new Fiesta, which they will even personalise with your Twitter name printed on the side.

They are doing this by teaming up with a new company called Shapeways, who create awesome 3D products ranging from a Rocket Espresso Cup all the way to a stand for the iPad.

To enter all you have to do is share the campaign over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for which all you need to do is take a picture of a Ford Fiesta and then share and tag it with the hashtag #FordFiesta24.

If you do share you’re picture you will be part of their Guinness World Record win and could be in the chance of winning the keys to the real 2012 Ford Fiesta, alongside the aforementioned 3D Model of the car.

To grab some information and to enter the competition itself, head over to the Peerindex site and follow the instructions.

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