Launched at an Apple keynote on October 4th, just a day before the death of Steve Jobs, the iPhone 4S is quickly becoming the most popular Apple smartphone yet. At first it received some heavy-handed criticism from tech blogs and industry critics, who felt that it was far too similar to the iPhone 4. After more than 12 months of waiting many Apple fans had been expecting more.

But despite the similar physical appearance to the iPhone 4, the 4S is a completely different animal inside. Aside from the new processor and GPU which offer double the processing power and seven times the graphical prowess of the iPhone 4, the 4S now comes with an option for 64GB storage along with iCloud support and many new software features.

Social features and messaging have had a big boost on the 4S with new apps like iMessage and Find my Friends. These can allow you to chat in real-time to your friends for free, and also find people in busy crowded locations. Along with this the 4S is the first iPhone to come with Twitter integration.

These new features can be added to older iPhones with an iOS update, but the central attraction of the 4S is something that you can only get with the very latest iPhone model: Siri. Siri is a voice control system that actually works and encompasses every area of the phone’s use. As well as being able to book restaurant tables and schedule appointments, Siri can even offer up some witty comebacks to trivial questions you throw at her.

It is no surprise that the iPhone 4S sold over 4 million units in its first weekend of sale, making it the biggest selling smartphone launch of all time. Even though it is so popular there are perhaps an equal number of people who are still saving up for an iPhone 4S, or who can’t justify the expenditure right now.

The good news is that UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts is offering an iPhone 4S absolutely free in its current prize giveaway. To stand a chance of getting your hands on this latest smartphone sensation all you have to do is visit the competition page and answer a simple question. The winner will be selected at random on November 15th.

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