During their Build conference earlier today, Microsoft today announced that they have made the Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview edition available to download for free today.

To grab the software you simply need to point your browser to windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/preview and then install it on any drive you like.

One of the biggest features in the new OS is the return of the Start button, something people have asked for since the operating systems launch, however they have added one more option, allowing users to ditch the Modern UI entirely, allowing you to boot straight to the desktop.

You can also create a custom strartup screen, that will show all of your apps and allow you to open them up straight away, live tiles have also changed, displaying more information as well as being adjustable in size.

Backgrounds can also be set to your own wallpaper, and with no limit on the size of displays for the operating system, more Retina like displays should become available soon.

Displays can also be shared across multiple screens, with video now available to be pushed straight to another via Miracase.

Bing has also been built into almost all of the apps, as well as Office, Xbox Music and Mail getting a new redesign, the Calendar app seen just a few tweaks, and all of these apps will now update automatically.

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