You may have read our post covering the features of the next generation of OS Windows 8, well today Microsoft have launched an official Windows 8 blog, with the very first post explaining the company’s humility and promises not to repeat past mistakes (Vista).

Since release Vista horribly let the Windows OS down and is now shadowing each and every future OS that Microsoft brings out the future, with consumers, developers and Microsoft themselves unlikely to ever forgot the massive catastrophe that was Windows Vista.

Steven Sinosky wrote the first ever post on the blog which stated:

“We’ve heard people express frustration over how little we’ve communicated so far about Windows 8” adding that they have “certainly learned lessons over the years about the perils of talking about features before we have a solid understanding of our ability to execute.”

“Rather than generating traffic or building excitement, this blog is here to provide a two-way dialog about the complexities and tradeoffs of product development,” Sinofsky continued.

The release of this blog shows just how close we are to the future release of Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8, but an exact date is still unknown, be sure to keep checking out posts here at TechNutty, as we will find out in the future.

What do you think? Have you seen the new Windows 8 OS? Have you ever used Vista, what did you think about it?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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