Microsoft released their new Windows 10 operating system some time ago, but decided not to release the mobile version at the same time, or even release any details on it.

Today that has changed as the full list of phones that will receive the Windows 10 update has today been revealed.

Windows 10 will hit Lumia smartphones first when it rolls out to handsets for free, and “when available” according to Microsoft, who stated that the first smartphones to get the Windows 10 update will be:

  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 930

Microsoft has yet to reveal when the update will make its way to other devices that run the Windows Phone operating system, but we are sure they will announce more soon.

As for the devices that have been confirmed, when you do get the Windows 10 update on your Lumia device you will need to make sure you have Lumia Denim installed, if you have anything older than this then it will be unlikely that it will be updated.

Once that’s done you will be able to access the smartphone version of Windows 10, which offers the new web browser called Microsoft Edge, a new Photos, Calendar and Maps application, along with Office and Outlook.

The development process for the PC version and the mobile version  of Windows 10 is also the same, meaning that you should see a lot of apps made available in the store shortly after your install.

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