As some of you may already know, it was our second birthday last week (11th June) so we decided that we should celebrate in style, giving away a brand new 4th generation iPad to one of you lucky folk.

That giveaway is now over and it’s time to pick a winner.

Before we announce that however, we would just like to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway, we received over 5k entries for this competition, and are very pleased with its overall outcome.

Of course there can only be one winner, a winner who we chosen randomly using the PunchTab platform, and that winner is…

Dan Wright.

Congratulations Dan, if you are reading a message should be in your inbox now, so make sure to check it (junk box too), and as long as we receive a reply within the next 3 days, the iPad is yours.

Again thanks to everyone who entered, we hope to see you all again on our next giveaway, which should be coming up real soon.

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